Using FOIA with Jason A. Hart CW 46


I am so excited to finally have Jason A. Hart on the podcast to explain how to use FOIA. Every political activist should understand the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Jason is an Ohio based reporter who will give you the basics.

It is essential that activists, candidates and concerned citizens keep tabs on their governing bodies. Both elected, as well as those who are employed by the taxpayers, need to be reminded that those they work for are watching. FOIA is key in finding out what government is doing and where the money is going. The world needs many more citizens requesting information, and voters demanding that the information be shared in a timely and forthright manner.

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Using FOIA with Jason A. Hart CW 46- Transcript

USING FOIAJohn Tsarpalas: Every candidate and activist should understand the basics of the Freedom of Information Act. And so today, we’re going to have a lesson on it. It’s using FOIA, Commonwealthy #46.

Well I know that I have mentioned in at least three previous podcasts that I was going to have somebody on Commonwealthy to talk about how to use FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act. And I’m thrilled to have Jason Hart here today.

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