Two Months Until Election: DON’T PANIC with Kristina Keats CW 65- transcript

two months until electionJohn Tsarpalas: My good friend Kristina Keats is back with me this week. We’re here because it is only two months until the November election and there is lots to think about and lots to do. But more importantly, it’s Two Months to the Election; Don’t Panic! Commonwealthy #65. Continue reading

Election Judges and Poll Watchers CW 48

lection Judges and Poll Watchers

Two key roles that every campaign needs to be made aware of for election day are election judges and poll watchers. The jobs, roles and purpose of election judges and poll watchers are described and explained. Vital to honest elections and an effective Get Out the Vote plan every candidate and campaign staffer needs to understand how to find, recruit and use election judges and poll watchers effectively.

I came back from CPAC with an idea on how to use FOIA (the Freedom of Information Act) in a campaign. That tip first and then a thorough explanation of why a campaign needs election judges and poll watchers. Continue reading

Election Judges and Poll Watchers CW 48- Transcript

lection Judges and Poll WatchersJohn Tsarpalas: Well, I’m just back from CPAC 2016 held, just outside of Washington D.C. I was there doing a training in the American Majority Boot Camp. It was fun. It was great there, great operation. American Majority puts on such good programs of training for activists and candidates. And I was there to help with “How to Win the Room, Public Speaking Success”. Really enjoyed it.

And CPAC’s an amazing thing. If you’re a conservative, libertarian – it’s worth seeing it once. 4,000 or 5,000 people, giant, giant halls with lots of interesting speakers and break-out sessions for activists and training, and also break-out sessions on policy and different topics being presented by many of the better think tanks in the world.

Continue reading

Early Voting, Absentee Voting and Election Day Strategies CW 47

Early Voting, Absentee Voting and Election Day Strategies

Kristina Keats and I talk about Get Out the Vote (GOTV) ideas for early voting, absentee voting, along with election day strategies. These key phases in the Get Out the Vote process each needed further discussion. Although we touched on them in our previous podcast on Get Out the Vote in a Political Campaign Commonwealthy #42, it is important that the candidate and campaign staff fully realize the details and differences in each type of voting.

Because Voter ID and GOTV are key to a winning campaign, we thought we would take more time to truly give our candidates and their staffs and even clearer picture of what needs to happen. Continue reading