Practical Election Law Insights for the Candidate with John Fogarty CW 57

Practical Election Law Insights for the Candidate (1)

Have you wondered what it takes to make sure that elections stay fair and honest? Today I am talking with John Fogarty, an election law attorney based in Chicago who has years of experience in this area. John is going to share with us practical election law insights for local candidates for public office.

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Framing the Issues with John Tillman CW 12

This week John Tillman joins me on the podcast to discuss framing the issues to win people to your side. John is the CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute and one of the best people I know at framing issues and winning the debate.

I am thrilled to discuss this essential topic with John today. Whether you plan on running for office one day or you are an outspoken advocate, you need to learn the vital skill of framing issues.  Continue reading