Running for Local Office and Political Campaign Website Basics with Lennie Jarratt CW 24- Transcript

Social Media

John Tsarpalas: Today on Commonwealthy, my guest will be Lennie Jarratt. Lennie’s done a lot of political activism things in his life. So this is actually going to be a two-part podcast.

Today we are going to talk about Lennie’s experience in running for office. And then Lennie made his living in the tech world and he’s built hundreds of websites, so we are also going to talk about political campaign website basics. Continue reading

Working with Volunteers in a Political Campaign

Volunteers on Red Road Sign.Never make a volunteer wait!! The volunteer is giving you the most precious thing anyone has – their time. If you waste it, they will not come back again.

If a volunteer calls or walks in, you should make him/her a priority. If you are on the phone, get off and talk to the volunteer. If you are working on another task, drop it and greet the volunteer. Treat him/her as the precious guest he/she is. Continue reading