School Board Issues with Kyle Olson CW 19 Transcript

School board issuesJohn Tsarpalas: Today on Commonwealthy, we are going to step aside from the campaign trail and talk about school board issues. Most of the local offices in America are school boards. There are lots and lots of things happening in those boards and in those districts and in those schools.   Continue reading

Know What You Think with Kristina Keats CW 04 – Transcript

ThinkingJohn: Tsarpalas: Okay, I’m here with Kristina Keats and we’re going to call this segment “Know What You Think.” Tina, what do you know and what do you think?

Kristina Keats: Well, what am I thinking about in terms of the segment is that okay, you’ve decided that you want to run for office and there’s something that motivated you. People just don’t decide to run for office for no reason. And that may be an issue that you really know a lot about. You might be running for city council because you’re upset the traffic patterns or spending. Continue reading