Three Essential Elements in a Political Campaign CW 43- Transcript

Essential Elements in a Political CampaignJohn Tsarpalas: Today I am going to discuss a little bit about why I am so obsessed about local politics and running for local office. And then I am going to cut to the chase and really give you the three essential elements to any campaign. It’s Commonwealthy #43, Three Essential Elements in a Political Campaign. Continue reading

Candidate Watchdog Winner with Jason Carini CW 36- transcript

Candidate Watchdog WInnerJohn Tsarpalas: My guest today is now the new treasurer of Rogers County, Oklahoma, but he started off as a candidate. Within only a short period of time, he turned into a watchdog and dug up some interesting information on the incumbent treasurer.

She hadn’t collected overdue taxes from businesses- a million and a half dollars worth! She failed to collect. The next thing you know, he’s the new county treasurer. Today on Commonwealthy, it’s Candidate Watchdog Winner with Jason Carini, Commonwealthy #36. Continue reading

The Use of Social Media in a Local Political Campaign with Aubrey Blankenship CW 27 transcript

social media with aubrey blankenship

John Tsarpalas: Today I am talking to Aubrey Blankenship, director of communications for American Majority. We are going to be talking about using social media for your political campaign- the basic campaign website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, some thoughts and ideas, basics, strategies.

So stick with us because here we go; Commonwealthy #27, the use of social media in a local political campaign with Aubrey Blankenship.

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