Three Essential Elements in a Political Campaign CW 43- Transcript

Essential Elements in a Political CampaignJohn Tsarpalas: Today I am going to discuss a little bit about why I am so obsessed about local politics and running for local office. And then I am going to cut to the chase and really give you the three essential elements to any campaign. It’s Commonwealthy #43, Three Essential Elements in a Political Campaign. Continue reading

Truthful Facts Aren’t Negatives with Kristina Keats CW 39

truthful facts

Tina joins me on the podcast today as we cover an important part of any political campaign: negatives! So many first time candidates are determined to not have a negative campaign. In doing so, they miss out on an opportunity to educate the voters on the relative truths about their opponent. Don’t let this happen to you! Continue reading

Candidate Watchdog Winner with Jason Carini CW 36- transcript

Candidate Watchdog WInnerJohn Tsarpalas: My guest today is now the new treasurer of Rogers County, Oklahoma, but he started off as a candidate. Within only a short period of time, he turned into a watchdog and dug up some interesting information on the incumbent treasurer.

She hadn’t collected overdue taxes from businesses- a million and a half dollars worth! She failed to collect. The next thing you know, he’s the new county treasurer. Today on Commonwealthy, it’s Candidate Watchdog Winner with Jason Carini, Commonwealthy #36. Continue reading