Start a Political Organization CW 71- transcript

How to Start a Political OrganizationJohn Tsarpalas: In our last podcast, Commonweatlhy #70, What Do You Learn When You Lose an Election, I mentioned that one of the things I learned was we needed infrastructure. Not the campaign, but the GOP. Something local. Something that we could count on that was going to be there that could support candidates and voter ID and Get Out the Vote.

So after losing my first two campaigns, I went over to my local GOP organization. Luckily, they let me build that organization up. And when Tina and I started building that local organization and using that as a foundation for campaigns that we were involved in, that’s when we started winning elections.

So today I am going to talk about that very thought. Build a Political Organization, Commonwealthy #71. Continue reading

Good Data Big Data for Political Campaigns with Peter Anderson CW 56- transcript

Good Data Big Data


John Tsarpalas: Something that is both an art and a science in politics is figuring out who you are going to approach with your mail, with your phone calls, with your email, and with your door knocks. What are you going to talk to them about?

There’s been an industry that has been around for a long time. These are people that supply lists. Lists are extensive and deep. So today on Commonwealthy #56, it is Good Data, Big Data for Political Campaigns with Peter Anderson of Cobalt Media Group. Continue reading

Early Voting, Absentee Voting and Election Day Strategies CW 47- Transcript

EARLY VOTING John Tsarpalas: Commonwealthy Podcast# 42, “Get Out the Vote in a Political Campaign.” Kristina Keats and I talked about the basics of the “Get Out the Vote” plan. How you’ve been voter ID-ing right along through the campaign, making phone calls, knocking doors and finding out who’s supporting you, and then putting that into a good database. Well, today, I decided we needed to get more specific.

We didn’t get into enough detail on the different points in the “Get Out the Vote” plan, early voting, absentee voting, and Election Day strategies. That’s what we’re calling it, and this is Commonwealthy #47.

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Media Relations with Paul Miller CW 16 Transcript

Various microphones aligned at press conference isolated over aJohn Tsarpalas: My guest today on the Commonwealthy podcast is Paul Miller, head of the political and media consulting group, The Paulie Group. Paul and I met back in 1996 at the Iowa Caucuses for Forbes. We’ve worked together on many a campaign and for many an organization since.

Paul, you are really great at getting things in the press. How do people work with the media and get things published? Let’s bare in mind that we are talking about a guy or a gal who is going to be running for local office. Where do they start? When do they start?   Continue reading