Branding for Political Campaigns and Activist Organizations with Nicole Williams CW 54

Branding for Political Campaigns

In today’s world, branding is a big buzzword. How does branding fit into the world of political campaigns and activism? I have special guest Nicole Williams of Spark Freedom on today’s podcast to discuss branding for political candidates and activist organizations. She has lots of great ideas and information to share with you.

If you are a political candidate or activist, or if you are working on a political campaign, then you need to hear what Nicole has to share with us. The information that she shares about branding will help bring your political campaign to the next level and help you win your local election! Continue reading

Working with Volunteers in a Political Campaign

Volunteers on Red Road Sign.Never make a volunteer wait!! The volunteer is giving you the most precious thing anyone has – their time. If you waste it, they will not come back again.

If a volunteer calls or walks in, you should make him/her a priority. If you are on the phone, get off and talk to the volunteer. If you are working on another task, drop it and greet the volunteer. Treat him/her as the precious guest he/she is. Continue reading

Using Volunteers in a Political Campaign with Kristina Keats CW 15 Transcript

Volunteer design over white background, vector illustration.


John Tsarpalas: Politics is a team sport. One of the most valuable assets to a campaign are good volunteers. Commonwealthy #15, Volunteers in a Political Campaign.

I am here with Kristina Keats and we are going to talk about volunteers: volunteers for campaigns, volunteers for organizations. How do you find volunteers? How do you motivate them? And how do you manage them? Because it is a big job, all three of those. Continue reading