My Intention, a Positive, Freedom, Fiscal Conservative Agenda

With the loss of the Presidential Election in 2012 to Barack Obama, Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party supporters seem glum. I understand their feelings. It is shocking that with massive unemployment, economic malaise, and a general lack of hope, America would reelect this man. I understand the economic worries that his reelection brings, and I do not think these worries are unfounded. I believe that the United States is headed toward a second recession, with continued losses of freedom, and unprecedented levels of government growth that will, in turn, bring new levels of regulations.  In short, America and the American people are going to suffer.  However, to quote Rahm Emanuel when he was Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” We are entering the most serious crisis in generations. We, as fiscal conservatives, must have positive, freedom, fiscal conservative agenda that creates prosperity and grow freedoms. We need to set the tone for a better America. It is through this crisis period that we must constantly remind the voters that too much government is the problem. At the same time, we must give workable solutions with a positive tone.  The good news is we can easily do both these things.

It is my intention through Commonwealthy to put forth simple, practical ideas, and an agenda for our politicians, leaders, and activists. I intend to spark dialogue by writing about solutions– long-term solutions that will transform America into an even more prosperous, freer land than it ever was.

I have been turned off by terms such as restore or return America. No one wants to go back. We cannot and should not go back. America has always been moving forward. America was the first to break from a king. It fought a terrible civil war to end slavery, and ended European fascism. Now we are in the next crisis period. This is the battle between the state and the individual.  Right now the state is winning. But the current state is based on unsound economic principles. This weakness gives the freedom lovers an opportunity. We must use this opportunity. We must see the individual prevail.

America and mankind needs to evolve into a national mindset that government needs to be used sparingly. This will be achievable as the citizenry find their lives, do to too much government, becoming more and more difficult. The voters will be looking for answers and solutions. The biggest obstacle we face is the liberal media. It will be challenging to get our message out; not impossible, just difficult. All fiscal conservative activists will have to become more aggressive in speaking up to friends, family, and groups. I hope you will turn to, to be inspired, motivated, and made to think.  Please comment on our writings, listen to our podcast, sign up on our email list so we can send the latest post, consider running for office and use our tutorials to get elected.

To a better world,

John A. Tsarpalas