Overcoming Your Fears in Politics CW 72

overcoming your fears in politics

Politics is scary! Trust me, I understand! If you are going to run for local office and make a difference in your community, then you need to be able to overcome that fear. Today on Commonwealthy I am talking about overcoming your fears in politics. I am going to help you move past your fears by giving your practical things that you can do for specific fears related to politics. Continue reading

Using Public Speaking to Win Support CW 52- Transcript

Using public speaking to win support

John Tsarpalas: You are about to hear a presentation I gave for American Majority at CPAC 2016. I think you are going to find some very useful information. If you are an activist or you are a candidate, you need to be public speaking and using that forum to promote yourself as a candidate or to promote ideas.

Today, Commonwealthy #52, Using Public Speaking to Win Support. Continue reading

Public Speaking Basics for the Candidate CW 20

public speaking for political candidate
This week Paul Miller joins me as a special guest host. That’s right: Paul will be interviewing me for a change! We will be outlining the basics of a great speech for any candidate. If you are nervous about public speaking during your political campaign or want some tips to help improve your speeches, then you don’t want to miss this podcast.
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