Initiatives and Referendums with Paul Jacobs CW 08

Paul Jacobs

This week special guest Paul Jacob joins me to discuss initiatives and referendums. Paul is president of the Liberty Initiative Fund, a national organization helping citizens place issues on the ballot to hold politicians accountable, fight crony capitalism and protect our liberties. Paul was the leading voice for the term limit’s movement for more than a decade, and has a wealth of knowledge to share with you today about how to bring about real change in your community.

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Initiatives and Referendums with Paul Jacobs CW 08- Transcript


Filling YES in the white printed formJohn Tsarpalas: The Commonwealthy podcast, training people who understand the benefits of small, limited government to win elections. This is episode number eight, initiatives and referendums. Today I am going to be talking to my friend, Paul Jacob, who I consider the absolute leader in the world of initiative and referendum rights for our side. Paul and I will discussing types of referendums, initiatives, and the basics of the process.

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