Republican Party Structure CW 37

GOP structure

Are you curious about how the Republican Party is structured? Have you heard the names of the various Republican organizations and aren’t sure how it all fits together? Today I am going to do a special podcast to help clear up the confusion! Join me as we take a look at the different organizations that make up the Republican Party. Continue reading

Republican Party Structure CW 37- transcript

Republican Party StructureJohn Tsarpalas: This podcast was recorded with the premise that it would be launched in the week just before Christmas of 2015. I thought I would just do something simpler and a topic that isn’t necessarily about campaigns, but I think the world needs to understand. If you are an activist, you need to understand. That is how does the GOP really work?

Quite frankly, I didn’t know until I became the Executive Director of the Illinois Republican Party how the structure worked, how it was supposed to work, and the fact that it doesn’t work very well. I think it is important that people understand how all these parts fit together, who controls them, and what their purpose is. I think that’s going to be key here, how you as an activist can best affect the GOP. Continue reading