Understanding the Local Political Landscape with Kristina Keats CW 01 – Transcript

Political Colors

John Tsarpalas: My name is John Tsarpalas. I train people who understand the benefits of small, limited government to win elections. Welcome to Commonwealthy the podcast. Today’s podcast is understanding the local political landscape. This is episode one.

Welcome to Commonwealthy. The podcast dedicated to helping activists and candidates who believe in smaller, limited government. Are you thinking about running for local office, or getting an initiative passed? Want to be a watchdog of your local government body? Just have a feeling that government’s out of control and you want to do something to make government smaller and more manageable? This is the podcast for you. Every week, Commonwealthy will have guests, interviews and tips on how you can make it a smaller government-freer world. My name’s John Tsarpalas and I’m a liberty activist. I also happen to be a professional campaign consultant and candidate coach. Join me, my friends and our associates as we show you the campaign and activism side of politics. Welcome to Commonwealthy.

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