Campaign Planner CW 64- transcript

Campaign Planner CW 64John Tsarpalas: I am really excited today because we are going to talk about something we’ve put together for you, a resource. It is a fabulous spreadsheet campaign planner. You are going to be able to download it for free.

Just simply go to and that will take you right to the page that the show notes for that podcast will be. You can listen to the podcast there while you are at it. But you will be able to sign up and download our free Excel spreadsheet.

This planner just does everything you need to put together your plan. So today it is Commonwealthy #64, Campaign Planner. Continue reading

Election Campaign Graphic Design with Razzaq Lodhia CW 59- transcript

Election Campaign Graphic DesignJohn Tsarpalas: Today we are going to go in depth on good design for a campaign. You are going to have to have a website, literature, yard signs, and do some mailing. And all of that needs design. Today on Commonwealthy #59, Election Campaign Graphic Design with Razzaq Lodhia. Continue reading

Good Advice for the New Candidate with Kristina Keats CW 55

Good advice for the new candidate

Today we celebrate Commonwealthy’s one year anniversary with a special podcast highlighting some of the top topics from last year as well as a special conversation with Tina Keats. The theme of this podcast, as well as Commonwealthy as a whole, is good advice for the new candidate. If you are thinking of running for local office, then this is a great episode for you! Continue reading

Using Public Speaking to Win Support CW 52- Transcript

Using public speaking to win support

John Tsarpalas: You are about to hear a presentation I gave for American Majority at CPAC 2016. I think you are going to find some very useful information. If you are an activist or you are a candidate, you need to be public speaking and using that forum to promote yourself as a candidate or to promote ideas.

Today, Commonwealthy #52, Using Public Speaking to Win Support. Continue reading