Election Night and the Morning After CW 50 -transcript

Election Night and the Morning After John Tsarpalas: If you’ve been listening to this podcast every week, I’m trying to go in a chronological order of a campaign with a heavy emphasis on field operations, the ground game, voter ID-ing, and Get Out the Vote. Once we get through all of that, I am going to come back around and get into more strategies and mailings and printings and those tools. Continue reading

Get Out the Vote for Political Campaigns- transcript


Get Out VoteJohn Tsarpalas: In today’s podcast, Kristina Keats and I are going to be talking about field operations and Get Out the Vote. I have never seen a campaign win that did not have a strong Get Out the Vote plan.

You can raise money, you can mail, and you can advertise, but unless you know who is voting for you and you make sure they are showing up to vote, you are going to get beat. So today is Commonwealthy #42, Get Out the Vote for the Political Campaign. Continue reading

Many Candidates Have Delusional Ideas with Paul Miller CW 41- transcript

candidate ideasJohn Tsarpalas: There are things that we often see candidates do or they want to do that make myself and my good, dear friend, Paul Miller, laugh and get frustrated. As we were talking over the holidays, Paul said to me, “Let’s do a podcast of all those things that candidates always want to do that drive us nuts.” And I agreed. Continue reading

Responding to Political Attacks with Kristina Keats CW 40- transcript

Responding to Political Attacks

John Tsarpalas: In last week’s podcast, Commonwealthy #39 Truthful Facts Aren’t Negatives, we talked about what you should put out that people might consider negative, but are facts and things that they need to know about your opponent. These are things that are important and help them make a good decision about the quality and personality of this person you are running against, especially if it has something to do with the office that they are going to be running for. Continue reading