Editorial Boards with Steve Huntley CW 32- transcript

Editorial BoardsJohn Tsarpalas: Editorial boards. Most candidates are going to get questioned by their local newspaper. Often you have to go in and sit before an editorial board. Today I am going to have the former editorial page of editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, Steve Huntley, discuss what candidates need to do to prepare for an editorial board and how an editorial board works. Continue reading

Voter Databases and Systems with Chris Littleton CW 26- Transcript

Voter Databases and Systems


John Tsarpalas: Today’s guest on Commonwealthy is Chris Littleton, director of operations at Voter Gravity. Voter Gravity is a database and system for campaigns. We’ve talked about this in past podcasts on voter ID and targeting voters.

It’s important to have a good database, especially if you are going to be going door-to-door and making phone calls. If you want to win, you have to do that. Continue reading

Public Speaking Basics for the Candidate CW 20

public speaking for political candidate
This week Paul Miller joins me as a special guest host. That’s right: Paul will be interviewing me for a change! We will be outlining the basics of a great speech for any candidate. If you are nervous about public speaking during your political campaign or want some tips to help improve your speeches, then you don’t want to miss this podcast.
Continue reading

Framing the Issues with John Tillman CW 12

This week John Tillman joins me on the podcast to discuss framing the issues to win people to your side. John is the CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute and one of the best people I know at framing issues and winning the debate.

I am thrilled to discuss this essential topic with John today. Whether you plan on running for office one day or you are an outspoken advocate, you need to learn the vital skill of framing issues.  Continue reading