Branding for Political Campaigns and Activist Organizations with Nicole Williams CW 54- transcript

Branding for Political Candidates

John Tsarpalas: If you are running for local office, no matter what you think, your campaign is a brand. If you are an activist and you have an issue that you are focusing on and working on, what does the world think of it? What is that brand?

If you’ve got an organization, a Tea Party group or tax payer group, what is that group’s brand? Do you have a look? Do you have a consistent message? Do you have positive ways of saying things? Well, we are going to talk about all of that today on Commonwealthy #54, Branding for Political Candidates and Activist Organizations. Continue reading

The Use of Social Media in a Local Political Campaign with Aubrey Blankenship CW 27 transcript

social media with aubrey blankenship

John Tsarpalas: Today I am talking to Aubrey Blankenship, director of communications for American Majority. We are going to be talking about using social media for your political campaign- the basic campaign website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, some thoughts and ideas, basics, strategies.

So stick with us because here we go; Commonwealthy #27, the use of social media in a local political campaign with Aubrey Blankenship.

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