Automated Personalized Phone, Video and Social Media Systems with James O’Hara CW 28

Automated Personalized Phone

Today my special guest on the podcast is James O’Hara, co-founder and of Extended Data Solutions. James is an expert in automated phone calls, otherwise known as robo-calls. Not only does James have a way to doing robo-calls that gets people to actually listen, but he also knows how to use video and social media to help your campaign. Continue reading

The Use of Social Media in a Local Political Campaign with Aubrey Blankenship CW 27

Today Aubrey Blankenship, the communications director for American Majority, joins me on the podcast to discuss the use of social media in a local political campaign. Aubrey has lots of experience helping candidates get their message out to voters using social media. She is going to give us some of her best tips for candidates running for local office today!  Continue reading