Voter Analytics with Brittany Kraiser CW 51

Voter Analytics

There are exciting things happening in the realm of voter analytics. Today I am going to privy you to my conversation with Brittany Kraiser of Cambridge Analytics as we discuss what is possible with analytics now and how it can be a game changer in political campaigns.

If you are wondering what it would take to bring your political campaign for local office to the next level, this podcast is for you! Voter analytics like what is done by Cambridge Analytics is at the cutting edge of political campaigns. Find out how easy it is to incorporate this science into your local election. Continue reading

Voter Analytics with Brittany Kaiser CW 51- transcript


John Tsarpalas: Eight weeks ago, in Commonwealthy #42, we did Get Out the Vote for a Political Campaign. And for the most part in the last eight weeks, we’ve focused on different portions of Get Out the Vote- what that means, how you do it, specific people you need to recruit as volunteers, train, etc.

Quite frankly, from the very beginning of Commonwealthy, we have started talking about volunteers and phone banks and phone systems and data systems. And it was all building for Get Out the Vote. And now that we are on Commonwealthy #51 today, we are changing the subject. Continue reading