Signs and Designs for Political Campaigns CW 68

signs and designs for political campaigns

As we rapidly approach the November 2016 election, political campaign yard signs are popping up all across this country. There is no better time than now to study signs and designs for a political campaign! Today we are going to discuss the basics of yard signs so you can be prepared for your next run for local office.

I am excited to be covering this important topic with you today because I know the impact yard signs and designs can have on your political campaign. Yard signs are a great way to get name recognition and to build your support base. Whether you are planning a run for local political office in 2017 or just starting to consider becoming a local candidate, this podcast is a great resource for you on a campaign basic! Continue reading

Election Campaign Graphic Design with Razzaq Lodhia CW 59- transcript

Election Campaign Graphic DesignJohn Tsarpalas: Today we are going to go in depth on good design for a campaign. You are going to have to have a website, literature, yard signs, and do some mailing. And all of that needs design. Today on Commonwealthy #59, Election Campaign Graphic Design with Razzaq Lodhia. Continue reading

Name Recognition with Kristina Keats CW 11 Transcript

introduction stickerJohn Tsarpalas: Name recognition, name ID, the use of signs: Commonwealthy podcast #11.

I’m here with Tina Keats. We are going to talk about something that is important to every candidate. That’s name recognition. How do you get people to know who you are, recognize your name? Name ID is sort of key. It’s one of the reasons incumbents have the edge. People know the name and they just feel comfortable, as long as something bad isn’t associated with it.    Continue reading