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I am so excited to finally have Jason A. Hart on the podcast to explain how to use FOIA. Every political activist should understand the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Jason is an Ohio based reporter who will give you the basics.

It is essential that activists, candidates and concerned citizens keep tabs on their governing bodies. Both elected, as well as those who are employed by the taxpayers, need to be reminded that those they work for are watching. FOIA is key in finding out what government is doing and where the money is going. The world needs many more citizens requesting information, and voters demanding that the information be shared in a timely and forthright manner.

Even if you don’t plan to immediately make any FOIA requests, you need to understand the right and the process. Unfortunately most people have never even heard of FOIA let alone used it. Jason makes it simple in today’s interview.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the Freedom of Information Act is- learn about FOIA and what is it called on the state level
  • What types of information can you ask for- learn some of the many types of information can request and what you cannot request
  • How to be specific enough to get your request filled- using dates, names, subjects and other criteria in your request
  • How this works at the state level- learn if is it different then a federal request and what departments should you be contacting
  • What a reasonable amount of time to wait for a response is- learn when the government is dragging their feet or even blocking you from getting your information


The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: website website

Contact information:

Jason A. Hart
Twitter: @jasonahart

John Tsarpalas
Twitter: @JTsarpalas


Jason A. Hart Reporter and FOIA Expert

Jason A. Hart Reporter and FOIA Expert

Jason is an Ohio-based reporter covering labor issues for, with a focus on right-to-work, public employee unions and Obamacare. Before joining Watchdog, Jason was communications director for Media Trackers Ohio. His work has been featured at Hot Air,, The Daily Signal, RedState, Washington Examiner, Townhall and elsewhere. His investigations into labor union spending and Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion have been cited by national commentators including Michelle Malkin, Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch and Mark Levin. Jason can be reached on Twitter at @jasonahart and by email at



Transcript: Available here

Thank you for listening! 

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