Voter Databases and Systems with Chris Littleton CW 26

Voter Databases and Systems

I have a special podcast guest today, Chris Littleton of Voter Gravity. Chris helped lead a citizen’s initiative that won with one of the largest margins of victory of any statewide citizen’s initiative in the state. When it comes to voter databases and grassroots efforts, Chris really knows his stuff! He is joining me on the podcast today to share his wealth of knowledge with you.

I am excited to have Chris talk with us today about the importance of voter databases. Chris is going to share about how advancements in technology have made keeping your database up to date so much easier than before! With tools like Voter Gravity, you can have updates made in real time as your volunteers are making phone calls or going door-to-door. If you are thinking of running for local office or running a grassroots effort, make sure to hear this podcast about the great technology that is available for voter databases!

In this episode, youll learn:

  • Where you can find a list of registered voters– learn where to get a registered voter list to start your database from
  • Why you should think about voters as consumers- learn the advantage to thinking of voters as consumers of political information
  • How modern technology allows voter databases to be updated in real time- learn how programs like Voter Gravity make real time updates a reality
  • Why you need to have a vote goal- learn why you need to regularly gauge your progress off your vote goal
  • How technology can help you track who has voted- learn how your voter database can help make sure each of your supporters remembers to vote
  • What phone services are available through Voter Gravity- learn about options available for phone calls and how they integrate into your database
  • Why you want to simplify your database into one system- learn how having your walk maps, phone calls, donations, and supporter list in one place helps you simplify your campaign




Voter Gravity:

Contact information: 

Chris Littleton


John Tsarpalas


Special Offer:
Voter GravityVoter Gravity is offering to waive the set up fee to new subscribers to their Voter Gravity system by using the offer code
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Offer code: Commonwealthy

This is an affiliate link in which Commonwealthy will be paid a commission if you buy Voter Gravitys services. There is no additional cost to you. Commonwealthy only chooses companies we have experience with and believe in. Voter Gravitys people are committed to limited government activists with real world campaign experience, who want to win elections to improve our communities, our nation, and our world.


Chris LIttletonChris Littleton is the Director of Operations at Voter Gravity, a mobile and data technology firm that specializes in political work

His work or opinions have been featured in the Washington Times, Rolling Stone, The Hill, Fox News, USA Today, American Spectator, Reason TV and a variety of other local and regional media outlets.

A graduate of Ohio University, Chris spent 10 years in sales and business development in the healthcare industry before becoming a political activist and consultant and helping to start Voter Gravity.

He and his wife Kim live outside of Nashville, TN and have been blessed with three children.

Transcript: Available here

Thank you for listening!

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